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Re: how to ask for packages rebuilding

Op zo 19-10-2003, om 20:04 schreef Sven Luther:
> On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 12:15:40PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > Op zo 19-10-2003, om 10:44 schreef Stefano Zacchiroli:
> > > I've never understood which is the right/polity way of requests for
> > > triggering a new rebuild of packages. Should I ask on -devel, -admin,
> > > the per architecture mailing lists or where?
> > 
> > You should first check what the status of your package is, by going to
> > http://buildd.debian.org/stats/ . I wrote some documentation on what the
> > different states actually mean; you can find it at
> > http://people.debian.org/~wouter/wanna-build-states
> Yep, this is the case, we naturally check these kind of things first.
> > If that convinces you that human intervention is required (that's not
> > always the case), you should contact the people that can actually do
> > something about it, so the per architecture mailing lists.
> Packages that need to be rebuilt on m68k are :
>   gdome2-xslt, gtkmathview and lablgtkmathview
>   => gdome2-xslt was last tried on Oct 12, and failed to build because
>   of gdome2, altough gdome2 was sucessfully built on Oct 9. The two
>   other packages depend on gdom2-xslt in a chained way (first
>   gtkmathview and then lablgtkmathview).
>   netclient, ocamlnet, pcre-ocaml, xstr and pxp.
>   => netclient depends on ocamlnet, which depends on pcre-ocaml which
>   depends on findlib, which was sucessfully built in the same Oct 12 run
>   the other failed. pxp depends on ocamlnet and findlib and wlex, xstr
>   depends on findlib, which was built in the same run.

These all boil down to the same problem: ocaml was upgraded to
ocaml-3.07, while the packages that were available at the time depended
on ocaml-3.06-1. Since that doesn't exist anymore, they'll never become
needs-build again. Under normal circumstances we find such things
ourselves, but since we've got quite some backlog currently...

I just instructed wanna-build to pretend ocaml-3.06-1 is available; all
packages depending on ocaml-3.06-1 should at least be in needs-build

> All these packages could be built without problem, if they are
> rescheduled and built in order.
> So, i know you maintain a m68k autobuilder, could you do it, or should i
> ask on debian-68k ?

Does that help? ;-)

> This is in an effort to get all the 40 or so ocaml packages ready to
> enter testing by friday/saturday next week, so it would be nice if they
> could be rebuilt.

I can't promise anything about that, but at least they're re-scheduled

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