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Re: Source only uploads?

Hi, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Sven Luther:
>> Well, we just need an arch: all autobuilder and that's it, or one of the
>> autobuilders building the arch: all stuff.
> Feel free to set up one.

I have my personal i386 autobuilder running that way for some months now.
It makes sense; I certainly have caught quite a few problems with it --
there's not just the missing-dependency problem that makes packages

Sure, some uploaded packages will be unbuildable, which would generate
more work for the builders, but that problem is solveable. For example, we
could block a package from building when two other autobuilders have
reported a failure on it. That would have the added benefit to place
somewhat less load on already-overworked architectures like m68k.

My vote would be to Just Do It. I can certainly help set up and/or admin a
few autobuilders for i386, if that's what it takes.

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