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Re: ITH: gnugo, gnugo-dv

Martin Godisch <martin@godisch.de> writes:

> I intend to hijack the gnugo package, and to ask for removal of the
> gnugo-dv package. Both packages were updated last time around 18 months
> ago, there are outstanding bug reports, none with a maintainer's comment,
> and I'd like to get the new upstream release into unstable. gnugo-dv was
> intended to be the development version of gnugo, but is now older than
> gnugo itself. I tried talking to the maintainer two times, without reply.
> Please CC me, if you have any objections.

I don't have objections, I just found it curious that Brian is
actually not MIA, e.g. his latest mail to #171769 is only 6 days
old. Brian, I think it would be best just to tell Martin that it is OK
to take the package. And Martin, it really looks like he doesn't
particularly care about the package, so if you already have a package
ready, I don't mind you hijacking it to get it in sarge. And for a
development version which is not actively maintained, well... kill
it. :)

Best regards,

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