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Re: reiser on /, fsck and ro: bug?

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> writes:


Martin> I also thought about that because it also annoys be. But then
Martin> again, I _do_ want the partitions checked every now and then
Martin> (e. g. every 25 mounts). Wouldn't this disable fsck completely?
Martin> Or is the ckeck triggered on a different place?

I believe that would require a modified reiserfsck (or fsck.reiserfs).

Hmm.  I just looked at the reiserfsck man page.  It seems that it now
supports the "-a" and "-p" options, and just "[prints] some information
about the specified file system, [checks] if error flags in the
superblock are set and [does] some light-weight checks."  So it may be
"safe" now to have it set to run fsck on bootup.  This is from
reiserfsprogs with Debian version 1:3.6.11-1 (from unstable).  I'll try
it out the next time I reboot (which won't be for a while).

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