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Re: reiser on /, fsck and ro: bug?

Why is this in d-devel?

>>>>> "A" == A Mennucc <mennucc1@debian.org> writes:

A> hello I have set up a box that uses reiserfs as the root filesystem

A> I have noticed 3 facts that seem to be bugs (but I could not tell for
A> sure)

A> 1- I use a stock kernel by Herbert XU, which uses initrd; when
A> initrd's /sbin/init is run, eventually it mounts the root from the
A> hard disk, and it always mounts it read-only, without checking if the
A> kernel option 'ro' was given: is this a bug? what package's bug?

I believe it's supposed to mount it as ro, and later remount as rw.

A> 2- Then /sbin/init is executed from the hard disk, and this calls all
A> /etc/rcS.d/* that do an fsck on /

A> When this happens, though, fsck.reiserfs says: "filesystem is mounted
A> read-only: skipping journal replay": so it seems that the journal
A> will never be replyed, even if the filesystem is dirty (I am not sure
A> that this is the case, but I am not willing of doing extensive
A> testing on this issue).  This is the opposite of what fsck.ext3 would
A> do: AFAIK it does a journal replay and a fsck ONLY IF the root is
A> mounted read-only.

AFAIK, the journal gets replayed automatically when the fs gets mounted.

A> 3- Then, fsck.reiserfs does a fsck of the disk. Regardless of it
A> being dirty or not (that is, ignoring the absence of the '-f'
A> flag). This is another difference with fsck.ext{2,3}. This is a minor
A> bug, but annoying (it wastes time).

fsck shouldn't be automatically run for ReiserFS partitions.  In
/etc/fstab, make sure that the lines for your reiserfs partitions have
'0' as the last number, rather than a '1'.

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