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Re: reiser on /, fsck and ro: bug?


On 2003-10-17 15:17 -0400, Hubert Chan wrote:
> A> 3- Then, fsck.reiserfs does a fsck of the disk. Regardless of it
> A> being dirty or not (that is, ignoring the absence of the '-f'
> A> flag). This is another difference with fsck.ext{2,3}. This is a minor
> A> bug, but annoying (it wastes time).
> fsck shouldn't be automatically run for ReiserFS partitions.  In
> /etc/fstab, make sure that the lines for your reiserfs partitions have
> '0' as the last number, rather than a '1'.

I also thought about that because it also annoys be. But then again, I
_do_ want the partitions checked every now and then (e. g. every 25
mounts). Wouldn't this disable fsck completely? Or is the ckeck
triggered on a different place?

Have a nice weekend,

Martin Pitt
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