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Re: nethack popularity contest - number_pad?

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Miles Bader wrote:
> BTW, another point is that the original layout is a fairly unique part
> of rogue culture, and shipping with it turned off seems a bit like using
> graphical tiles by default, or having emacs start up in wordpad-
> compatibility mode -- one can perhaps understand the appeal for the
> rawest of newbies, but it's the sort of homogenization that I'd rather
> resist.
Call me a wimp, but my rogue alias is 'loadkeys viarrows;rogue;
loadkeys -d', to get the keypad keys working.  The problem lies not in the 
basic four directions (hjkl), but in the completely mad diagonals.  They're
plain unnatural and cumbersome to use -- and in NetHack and Rogue, you're 
using diagonals a lot.
As the most of NetHack keys are found on the left side of the keyboard,
you can play accessing the main part of the keyboard with just the left 
hand.  As a side effect, I find myself using 'i' for checking the armour, 
etc as 'i' can be reached with the index finger without having to move 
your wrist -- and '[' is too far.
The key for convenient play with your right hand on the keypad is using
#adjust to assing your equipment to _constant_ quick to access keys, like:
a - weapon (w,a)
s - key (a,s,<-)
d - lamp (a,d)
z - unicorn horn (a,d)
c - magic whistle (a,c)
e - bag of holding (a,e,i/o -- god I hate the a/b -> i/o change)
w - stethoscope (a,w)
A..F - armour (mostly for nice collating on 'i', 'D', etc)
Z - lizard corpse (you don't want to misplace it...)

By using these or similar, you can easily play using number_pad, without 
having to suffer all the pains of vi keys.

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