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Re: nethack popularity contest - number_pad?

Adam Borowski <kilobyte@mimuw.edu.pl> writes:
> Call me a wimp


> The problem lies not in the basic four directions (hjkl), but in the
> completely mad diagonals.  They're plain unnatural and cumbersome to
> use

I _completely_ disagree -- I find the rogue diagonals astonishly smooth
and natural to use (and requiring very little hand/finger movement).

When I have the misfortune to use vi for something I constantly find
myself trying to move diagonally!

> By using these or similar, you can easily play using number_pad, without 
> having to suffer all the pains of vi keys.

Of course, you _could_ just gird your loins a bit and learn to use the
excellent keys that are already there.


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