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Re: recent spam to this list

Julian Mehnle <lists@mehnle.net> wrote:
> Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
>> How would you set up so that my laptop (or yours or whoever's) can
>> send mail from about ten different domains if the server you are
>> sending to is using SPF and the domain you are sending from have it
>> implemented in DNS? 

> Convince the owner of these domains that you are (that is, your
> outgoing mail server is) allowed to send mail "from these domains"?

Think "these domains" = debian.org and "outgoing mail server" = every
smarthost that is provided by an internet access provider around the

You either end up with publishing records for @debian.org that allow
any server to send with MAIL FROM:foo@debian.org (no gain, that is
exactly what we have currently) or force people to route their mail by
sender, i.e. manually.
           cu andreas

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