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RE: recent spam to this list

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Gerfried Fuchs
> > The concept of SMTP AUTH is completely new to you, is it? Sorry,
> > these kind of objections are just as silly as you call the proposal
> > silly. 
> Uhm, no, why should it be?  Having gnus set up to use SMTP auth and
> using a different server based on what the From address is would suck
> and be non-trivial. 

Oh, come on!  Even Outlook supports that.

> How would you set up so that my laptop (or yours or whoever's) can
> send mail from about ten different domains if the server you are
> sending to is using SPF and the domain you are sending from have it
> implemented in DNS? 

Convince the owner of these domains that you are (that is, your outgoing mail server is) allowed to send mail "from these domains"?

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