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RE: recent spam to this list

(Andreas, please excuse the accidental CC!)

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> Julian Mehnle <lists@mehnle.net> wrote:
> > Convince the owner of these domains that you are (that is, your
> > outgoing mail server is) allowed to send mail "from these domains".
> Think "these domains" = debian.org and "outgoing mail server" = every
> smarthost that is provided by an internet access provider around the
> globe. 
> You either end up with publishing records for @debian.org that allow
> any server to send with MAIL FROM:foo@debian.org (no gain, that is
> exactly what we have currently) or force people to route their mail by
> sender, i.e. manually.

By none of the mentioned proposals is every domain required to restrict the set of allowed sending hosts.  Every domain owner who doesn't want that restriction for his domain may very well ignore these proposals.

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