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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!

also sprach Adam Borowski <kilobyte@mimuw.edu.pl> [2003.09.28.0744 +0200]:
> Well... as 2.6 is coming out really soon, ipsec is in a lot better 
> position than grsec.  Also, you will _have_ to port grsec to 2.6 (or 
> abandon it), and 2.6 will have ipsec in the upstream sources.  The only 
> difference lies in needing to do the porting work a bit sooner.

Bollocks. I am the Debian maintainer, I won't do any porting.
grsecurity will support the 2.6 kernel series when it is released.
Then I will port the new patches to Debian. Then, the problem will
be fixed.

However, I still don't think that this closes the issue. I think
feature backports to the kernel-source packages should not happen!

How do y'all suggest we continue on this, because apparently there
are two camps with different opinions, Herbert doesn't think he
needs to do anything, and this issue will just die without a change
happening. I think we have to properly address and close the whole

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