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Re: Resolvconf -- suggested reading before installing this :-)

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 23:53, Osamu Aoki wrote: 
> Whomever interested on this subject, Thomas' network set up tutorial
> (draft) is available as "10 Network configuration":
>   http://qref.sourceforge.net/Debian/reference/ch-gateway.en.html
> (Yes, he is rewriting my old small section with whole new section with
>  very good overview.  Please tell Thomas about any problem in 10.1-10.8.
>  Please understand this is on-going update.)

Thanks to Osamu for mentioning this.  Emphasis on the "on-going".
I would appreciate help, including proof reading.  

The Debian Reference promises to fill the gap between HOWTO and

Before starting to work on DR chapter 10 I checked to see what
else was available.  To my surprise I found an assortment of
documents besides the familiar Installation Manual and Release

  * Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
  * [formerly Progeny] User's Guide
  * [dwarf's] Debian Linux User's Guide
  * Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage
  * Debian Tutorial
  * Debian User Reference Manual
  * Debian System Administrator's Manual
  * Debian Network Administrator's Manual

Links to all of these can be found at 
along with commentary on their contents and status.

The FAQ seems to be up to date and maintained.  The three
user's guides look complete but more or less out of date.
The rest appear to be incomplete.  If there are newer versions
of any of these floating around that aren't available via the
link above then I would appreciate someone sending me a URL.

For DR ch.10 I have been consulting chapters 3 and 8 of the
Debian Network Administrator's Manual by Duncan C Thomson and
Ivan E. Moore II.  I really should drop those guys a line ...

Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk>

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