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Re: Resolvconf -- a package to manage /etc/resolv.conf


	I have a laptop that sometimes is on fixed ip wireless
 networks. Since dhcp is not involved, there is nothing that updates
 resolvconf, which could be pointing to an inaccurate set of servers.

	The solution, in my case, was to  add the following star and
 stop functions to the relevant stanza's (edit for the  static dns

  # Extra stuff to do after setting up the interface
  start_fn () {
    [ -x /sbin/resolvconf ]  && \
       echo "nameserver"    | /sbin/resolvconf -a $DEVICE;
    [ -x /sbin/resolvconf ]  && \
       echo "nameserver" | /sbin/resolvconf -a $DEVICE;
    [ -x /sbin/resolvconf ]  && \
       echo "nameserver"    | /sbin/resolvconf -a $DEVICE;
  # Extra stuff to do before shutting down the interface
  stop_fn () { [ -x /sbin/resolvconf ]  && /sbin/resolvconf -d $DEVICE; }

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