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Re: Resolvconf -- a package to manage /etc/resolv.conf

Manoj wrote:
> > I would be interested in knowing how you set it up  equivalent
> > to cardctl scheme allows me to set up pcmcia networks.

cardmgr's system of configuring things dependently upon
"scheme,socket,instance,hwaddr" is quite powerful but it is
possible to configure interfaces dependently on these variables
using ifupdown too (... though not so conveniently).  See below.

On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 21:03, Neil Roeth wrote:
> I switched from using cardctl to hotplug earlier this year.  I didn't care to
> use any of the packages that do automatic detection of the network, so I set
> up a system just like cardctl scheme that allows me to choose which scheme to
> use manually.  I no longer have pcmcia-cs installed at all.  I just execute
> "hpscheme default" or "hpscheme bs9" and then plug the card in.  It works from
> there (don't expect any beeps, though).

The simplest way to activate hotplug control of network interfaces
is to add this stanza to /etc/network/interfaces:

    mapping hotplug
        script echo

This makes "ifup eth0=hotplug" equivalent to "ifup eth0".  Once this
is added you can add mapping stanzas that cause a logical interface
to be chosen according to the network environment (as guessnet and
ifscout[1] do), according to a scheme (as your script and ifscout do),
according to hwaddr (as /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/get-mac-address.sh
does), and so on.

    mapping eth0
        script guessnet
        map foo
        map bar

    iface foo inet static

    iface bar inet dhcp

[1] http://panopticon.csustan.edu/thood/ifupdown-roam.html

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