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Re: The size of debian packages

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 10:34:31PM +0100, Andrew Lyon wrote:
> How can I find out the sizes of the
> packages and try to establish what I can remove without disaster. I tried 
> using deborphan to do this but it didn't even put a dent in my 100% full 
> volume.

I was faced with a similar problem some time ago, and made a patch to
deborphan to make it show the size of the packages it listed.  It's
available as part of bug#189827, but I don't know if it still applies.

It only shows the size of the specific packages it lists, though, so
it's easily fooled by for example a package "silly-game" (100kB) that
depends on a monstrous "silly-game-data" (800MB).  Still, it's a start.

Richard Braakman

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