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Re: killing virus e-mails with file types

also sprach Craig P. Steffen <craig@craigsteffen.net> [2003.09.23.1745 +0200]:
> I do it in an even simpler way (keep in mind I don't really have
> bandwidth limitations).  I have my mail filter (kmail) set up so
> it trashes any mail message with the string ".exe", ".pif",
> ".bat", or ".scr".  

So you are not going to read this?

> I guess I could see why someone who developed in windows might be
> getting .bat or .scr files (I assume .scr is an extension for
> windows scripts?).  


> However, I find it hard to think of legitimate reasons for someone
> to send me an executable file.  Any legit executable is going to
> be bigger than most people are going to want to receive via e-mail
> anyway.  That's what the web is for.

Open your eyes. I doubt that 90% of the users even know what file
size is. They will send everything, from MP3s to 30Mb archives. The
other day, I got a 450Mb email with 50 1600x1200 "pictures from the
summer" attached.

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