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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!

#include <hallo.h>
* Jonathan Dowland [Mon, Sep 22 2003, 10:05:13AM]:

> >   if I get kernel 2.4.22 as a debian package I expect kernel 2.4.22 as 
> > a debian package, not something else... any debian specific changes 
> > should result in kernel name change, that's what's expected in kernel 
> > world (when I get ac kernel I get 2.4.22-ac3)
> Me too - if we have to have significantly modified kernels, they should
> be labelled as being such.

They are - look at the last part of the kernel-image-KVERS image. And if
you meant the kernel-source package, then please think twice before you
request a such thing. Your "idea" would require dozens of versions of
kernel-source-NUMBER-foo every time when I a small fix had to be
applied. If you prefer to sponsor new harddisks for all Debian mirrors
(because the archive size explodes), please do.

> If the issue here is the grsec patch distributed as a debian package
> cannot cleanly apply to the debian kernel sources because they have been

Reality check please. grsec modifies the kernel so heavily that it will
ALWAYS conflict with something when you modify the kernel a bit more
that with trivial bugfixes. The same would happen if it conflicts with
ANY of the 93 kernel-patches in the archive - there is no reason for
rants on -devel.

> significantly modified; why aren't those modifications distributed as
> seperate kernel patches / debian packages in the same way grsec is?

Martin can _simply_ create an alternative "apply" script which unpatches
the Debian source when needed before applying the grsec patch. Quiet,
transparent solution.

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