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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> They are - look at the last part of the kernel-image-KVERS image. And if
> you meant the kernel-source package, then please think twice before you
> request a such thing. Your "idea" would require dozens of versions of
> kernel-source-NUMBER-foo every time when I a small fix had to be
> applied. If you prefer to sponsor new harddisks for all Debian mirrors
> (because the archive size explodes), please do.

Haha, very funny.

kernel-source-2.4.22-1:  	Never gets modified.  Only  uploaded once.
kernel-source-debian-2.4.22-1:	Gets modified as needed, when new
				features/fixes come out.

The latter depends on the former.  This will *reduce* mirror traffic.  Keeping
it all in one *increases* mirror traffic, as a small change(fix or feature)
requires uploading the entire source.

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