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Re: Virus emails

Tim Dijkstra wrote:
They seem to come in two classes,one class where it seems it's a bounce
from qmail(?) server, the others are all somehow related to Microsoft
and Patching security holes.

This is confirmed at the Register, which reported that "the worm can also impersonate mail delivery failure notices" [1].

Well, the conclusion seems to be that somebody is trying to get linux
people annoyed with MS security announcements, really odd...

This is more than an annoyance for some of us. My mailbox capacity is only 2MB. Every night it is getting filled and temporarily rejecting mail.

So the question is, are Debian developers the only "mass mailing" target of this worm or have other people and groups also been targeted?


[1] http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/56/32925.html

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