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Re: Virus emails

On Fri, 19 Sep 2003 10:32:44 -0500
Andrés Roldán <aroldan@fluidsignal.com> wrote:

> Is everyone getting a bunch of virus emails or it is just me?
> Some emails appears to be sent by master.debian.org
On my mailserver I amdin, we have about 20 accounts, among one I use
mainly on the debian lists. This is the only one we've been getting
so much of these virus mails on. They started coming yesterday around 17
UTC and I've got more than 300 now. 
They seem to come in two classes,one class where it seems it's a bounce
from qmail(?) server, the others are all somehow related to Microsoft
and Patching security holes. 

Well, the conclusion seems to be that somebody is trying to get linux
people annoyed with MS security announcements, really odd...

grts Tim

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