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Re: Done (was Re: [mass bug filing?] Short descriptions being used as long descriptions and other policy violations)

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Just a note to all developers that I have sent the bugs (734) related to
> this policy violation. I hopefully have provided enough information in the
> bug report for the package maintainers to understand that this is something
> that should be fixed in every Debian package.
> Back to your regularly scheduled bug-squashing .....

It seems I missed your warning about this mass bug filing. FWIW, I have
closed both bugs I received, since you gave no evidence that my
descriptions did not contain enough information, except that they
happened to be concise enough to fit on one line. If you can point to
some information I left out, I will add it.

I think brevity can be a virtue. Maybe you don't, given how long-winded
your report template managed to be, while saying so little. :-P

see shy jo

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