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Re: tmda: Challenge-response is fundamentally broken

[enormous snippage]

Sorry, but I do NOT see how this is a grave bug.  It's wishlist (at best).

YOU might not agree that C-R systems are good (personally I detest them),
but that does NOT mean that we shouldn't release one.  If the package is in
good shape and functions as advertised, then it IS fit for release.  

Hey, how about if I decide that emacs is a huge bloaded piece of shit?  Does
that mean we shouldn't release it?

Or if I decide that CUPS is rubbish and lprng is the One True Printer Daemon?

Or that Gnome is a steaming pimple on the arse of desktop managers?

As long as SOME users like it, and find it useful and it fits THEIR needs,
then we should not be removing it from Debian (as long as it meets DFSG).
tmda appears to meet those criteria.  It is NOT your place to decide what
software our users can and can't use.

This is NOT a grave bug.  You have given NO reasons why the package does not
work as advertised, or fails to build, or fails to install or causes major
breakage to significant numbers of systems.  All you have is an opinion that
C-R systems are bad.  I share that opinion, but that does NOT make this a
grave bug.


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