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Re: NMUs applying sleeping wishlist bugs about translation (was something else)

Quoting Martin Quinson (martin.quinson@tuxfamily.org):

> Earlier if the french team reachs its goal of completely translated package
> install in sarge, since we only translate po-debconf files, and do (read

We won't.. :-)

For po-debconf switch bug reports, Michel Grentzinger is at letter "p"
going up in the alphabet. But he's a college teacher and will soon be
back to work.... :-)

I'm at letter "d", going down.....but I go quite slowly as I also deal
with old translations sleeping in the BTS...and thus have to prepare
NMU's, subscribe to many many PTS and deal with all opened bugs of all
NMU'ed packages, including future bugs (grin).

Andre Luis Lopes, from Brazil, is also working on po-debconf switch
but I don't know how he does choose packages for which he submits

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