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Re: Should MUA only Recommend mail-transfer-agent?

On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 18:50:21 +0200
Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:
> * Steve Lamb 
> |     How many local users are you going to have on a laptop whose correct
> SMTP| server changes as a function of their location?
> Usually: one, I guess.

    So 1 person, 1 location to change.

> |     Oddly enough I only have one program for that now.  Sylpheed-Claws. 
> | Fortunately it can do something that most SMTP servers can't without some
> | rather painful configuration: send mail through different SMTP servers
> based| on the account from which the mail was sent.
> Why do you want to do that?

    Imagine being at work, polling mail from home and then wanting to send
mail back out.  If the computer, say the laptop, is configured to forward to
work mail now you're using the company server to send out personal mail.  Even
forgiving the whole idea of "Ya'll shouldn't do that on the clock" because
people do have lunch breaks and so on some companies archive all mail that
travels through their servers.  Do you want your private mail ending up in the
company archives for several years?  I don't.

    Conversely while at home and answering work mail, presumably on the same
machine, you'd want the mail to hit the corporate SMTP server first.  Why? 
Because of the archives above.  If you're communicating with an off-site
contact and skip the corporate server their archives are incomplete.

    With this dual system you'd want mail from account A to go to SMTP server
A, mail from account B to go to SMTP server B regardless of location.

> | Hell, if you want to get technical about it I could do that without
> | an MTA easily enough.  Tell them to use "mail" as the smtp server,
> | edit resolv.conf and have "mail" resolve to whatever server they
> | need to send to.
> Then you'd have to restart the program each time you change
> resolv.conf due to a stupidity in glibc.

    Given the number of times people have to switch SMTP servers I don't think
this is an issue worth worrying about.  Certainly worth mentioning, but not
much more.

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