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Bug#202907: language tasks pull in reams of huge packages

> They could probably conflict and recommend to get the right version of
> mozilla, and then mozilla would have to deal with registering languages
> installed before it.

Will try, thanks for the tip.

> > For example: if you selected task 'Spanish' and 'Desktop' you get both 
> > kde's and gnome locales and documentation. If you select 'danish' and 
> > 'office' then you get 'openoffice.org-l10n-da'
> Doing this would probably involve multiplying the number of language
> tasks by the number of other tasks. Yeilding tasks like desktop-spanish,
> etc. This would quickly become hard to maintain, I'd think.

No, I meant that the tasksel definition could be expanded to have packages 
defined in the tasks that are only installed if another task is selected. 
Not duplicating tasks merging both but having one say to tasksel: "this 
package should only be installed if task X has also been selected".

> Actually I would rather we keep them in until we reach a resolution. I'd
> rather tasksel err on the side of too big rather than on the side of too
> little and confusing, as a general rule.

I have removed it both because of over-bloating and because of
mozilla-locale-es being broken at the moment. I have also re-added
'user-es' which was missing from the spanish task (but the CVS logs do not 
indicate if this was done on purpose or it was a mistake)

> Another option that's not much better is moving all the mozilla and OOo
> translation packages from the language tasks to the main tasks.




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