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Re: Future releases of Debian

Moin Matthias!
Matthias Urlichs schrieb am Friday, den 25. July 2003:

> > You keep using this "flame" excuse
> I remember the last time this was discussed, and I believe that ESPECIALLY
> when emotions tend to run high, the words we use make a difference.

There were no emotion. I just listed facts; please analyze the current
situation with (di|bf) development before you claim anything different.

> We can't find a good solution to this problem, if indeed there is one, if
> all we have is two rows of people on different sides of a long table,
> shouting at each other.

Exactly. If you had nothing productive to add to the discussion, why
do you participate then?

> > to conveniently ignore the real question
> ... which others have already answered the same way I'd have.

And got the same request for reality check as answer!

<Alfie> AAARGH, bin ich deppert!

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