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Re: Enable timestamps in diff.gz?

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 01:15, Marcin Owsiany wrote:

> Currently, when a source package is unpacked, all the files that have
> modifications in diff.gz are given somewhat "random" timestamps. This is
> because patch updates their timestamps as it processes the diff file.
> Because of this, there are problems with patched autostuff files (when
> make thinks a file needs to be regenerated but package doesn't
> build-depend on autotools). For an example, see:
> This would make the timestamps on files in an unpacked source package
> match the timestamps on the developer's machine at package build time
> (except for touched but not modified files). I guess this would be
> cleaner than the current situation, when developers need to insert hacks
> like "touch configure.in && touch aclocal.m4 && ..." to properly setup
> the timestamps before the build.
Without detracting from the discussion about need for better timestamp
support in dpkg, a better way of temporarily solving this without using
"touch" in your rules is to put AM_MAINTAINER_MODE in your
configure.{in,ac} and rebuild the configure script.

This is handy feature that *should* be on by default (*glares at
automake upstream*), it means that the generated Makefiles will only
include magic to rebuild themselves with auto* if
--enable-maintainer-mode is passed to "configure"

Who was surprised nobody else had mentioned this

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