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RC Bugs with patches (A-F)


In light of the current BSP going on at DebCamp, I figured it would be
useful to put together a list of RC bugs that have patches.  I've left
off this list any packages that have already been NMU'd, and marked
with an '*' any packages that seem trivial to NMU (esp. FTBFS bugs
where the maintainer hasn't responded).  This list includes packages
starting with letters A-F (25 bugs; 14 'trivial').

#190117 adbbs
   This patch changes a dependency on pico and pine to nano and
   mutt.  It needs a look by someone who knows about security;
   upstream picked pine because it could presumably be used by a
   person that you don't trust to have a full shell account.  mutt,
   on the other hand, allows you to run external programs.

#188445 autolog
   Bug is that autolog has a memory hole.  The maintainer is currently
   testing the patch to see if the leak has been identified.
#195193 bible-kjv *
   FTBFS bug - obsolete varargs (gcc-3.3 transition).  Patch doesn't
   use the format attribute where perhaps it should.

#194373 blender *
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).

#148645 bnc
   bnc doesn't have build-deps.  Patch fixes that, but doesn't fix
   that bnc has no manpages, no standard license file, and an
   outdated standards version.

#194871 bopm
   FTBFS bug (gcc-3.3 transition).  Patch is in CVS and should be
   included in next release.

#198323 brickos *
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).

#201161 busybox-cvs *
   FTBFS bug on ia64.  Upstream has fixed this bug, and the bug
   report includes a patch for this bug backported to the code
   currently in busybox-cvs.

#194874 calife
   FTBFS bug (gcc-3.3 transition).  Maintainer has acknowledged the patch.

#195282 ccdoc *
   FTBFS bug (gcc-3.3 transition).

#200165 chrony
   FTBFS bug on mips.  Issue is with including kernel headers.
   chrony is marked for removal.

#196567 clanlib *
   FTBFS bug - missing <cassert> include (gcc-3.3 transition).

#184929 cpanel
   cpanel renders sources.list unusable.  This package needs some
   serious security and policy review.  The included patch changes
   cpanel to back up sources.list before editting it.

#192987 cwwm *
   FTBFS bug - make error.

#197721 diasce *
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).

#194522 docbook-jrefentry
   Can't DocBookXML with onsgmls.  Patch is actually description of
   what to change in the bug report.

#201057 dvi2ps *
   FTBFS bug - obsolete varargs.h (gcc-3.3 transition).

#189630 elvis *
   FTBFS bug - XK_ISO_Lock undeclared.  Patch submitter suggests
   someone else look it over before NMU'ing.

#161500 emacs21 *
   Incomplete information in 'copyright' file.  Patch includes
   information twice, so that will have to be fixed before applying.

#196399 filmgimp
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).  Patch fixes
   strings error, but uncovers another error that causes filmgimp to segfault.

#195517 firebird *
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).

#196249 fluxbox
   FTBFS bug - missing includes.  Maintainer has acknowledged the
   patch, but plans on packaging a new release that includes this fix.

#196250 freetype1 *
   FTBFS bug - invalid preprocessor pasting.

#197225 freewrl *
   FTBFS bug - multiline strings (gcc-3.3 transition).

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