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Re: surfraw ultimatum

On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 05:53 PM, I wrote:
I strongly believe that this is an overreaction. Christian is willing to work with us to bring the package up to date, so there is no reason not to accept this. I suggest that someone (I could do it) sets up an Alioth project for surfraw, so that the non-DD's who are interested can more easily contribute (using cvs or subversion).

Just an update: I have applied for the Alioth project (did so the day after I proposed it, IIRC) but it doesn't seem to have been created yet. I will send another message out when the project is created. In the mean time, I have a nasty problem in subterfugue (the one tagged 'help' if anyone wants to help me get it to reap the children of the process it attaches to... :-D it's written in Python. pretty please?) which needs my attention. So if anyone would like to start work and send me surfraw patches I will be happy to quickly review them and upload them, but I don't think I can fix any bugs myself for a few days.

Have a nice day!

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