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Enable timestamps in diff.gz?


Currently, when a source package is unpacked, all the files that have
modifications in diff.gz are given somewhat "random" timestamps. This is
because patch updates their timestamps as it processes the diff file.

Because of this, there are problems with patched autostuff files (when
make thinks a file needs to be regenerated but package doesn't
build-depend on autotools). For an example, see:


What do you think of modifying dpkg-source to include the timestamp
information in the diff files and invoking patch with -Z ?

This would make the timestamps on files in an unpacked source package
match the timestamps on the developer's machine at package build time
(except for touched but not modified files). I guess this would be
cleaner than the current situation, when developers need to insert hacks
like "touch configure.in && touch aclocal.m4 && ..." to properly setup
the timestamps before the build.


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