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Re: why mplayer not in Debian

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, A Mennucc1 wrote:
> In our packaging of mplayer there is a file debian/README.Debian.2
> that explain our study on the source of mplayer; and indeed in the
> e-mail [1] I clearly ask:
>> debian-legal: please read debian/README.Debian.2 in the source; do
>> you think that it is/isn't fit to go into Debian?

Junichi Uekawa asked for the contents of README.Debian.2 to go in
debian/copyright, where it belongs.

I asked about the mpeg2dec issue, as it wasn't included in the list of
files with problems in README.Debian.2. 

Neither of us received a response.

You also probably don't want to modify the copyright statements in the
codebase itself. Let upstream deal with that, and just clarify the
license in the copyright file.

Don Armstrong

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