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Re: why mplayer not in Debian

Hi A Mennucc1,

> I just want to say that some time ago Dariush Pietrzak
> <eyck@ghost.anime.pl> and I decided to package mplayer
> when we uploaded for the first time, the ftp-installer had some (good)
> reasons not to accept it
> so we went into it and tried to clear all possible problems w.r.t. DFSG:
> we sent e-mails to any author of any piece of code that was suspicious,
> and at the end we did a packaging of mplayer 0.90 rc4 that we thought
> was ok

I follow Debian Legal and I am aware that this issue was raised most
recently in May:

Have you or Dariush Pietrzak addressed Don Armstrong's response? It would
be great to know that you have cleared the non-patent-related problems:

   mplayer may or may not have patent problems, but they are not what is
   stopping it from going into Debian.

   Please read the threads starting at [1] [2] for more information on why
   mplayer is currently not in debian.

You may have sent emails but did you get replies, and where have you
documented them? And did you let anyone know? Why doesn't there appear to
have been any followup to Debian legal?

> I am still willing to mantain mplayer, but I will not do any work unless
> someone that has ftp-installer priviledge in Debian states that s/he
> will help (= examine it when we upload and tell if it can go into
> Debian, or why it cannot go)

Well I'm also willing to download the mplayer source myself, extract it
and type fakeroot debian/rules binary. What you need to be willing to
address are the concerns that were raised. Please address Debian legal.

> ps: I am not subscribed to the list

I have also emailed you my response. If as a Debian developer you are
unwilling to subscribe perhaps you could check the archives:

Or point your news client to nntp://news.gmane.org.


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