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Re: NM non-process

> I didn't know that only DD could post on d-d-a. But to be honest, I
> would have expected that one of the list managers would adopt my
> message without much words if it is ok to post. As this didn't happen,
> I interpreted it so that the list managers don't want my mail to
> appear there and followed the instructions without any further ado. I
> just want to resolve problems, and not make formal ping-pongs.

"List managers" manage list software and administration;
they don't usually handle what goes in the mailing list 
(apart from spamassassin).

For debian-devel-announce, moderation is done in the assumption that 
Debian Developers will send resonable mail when they are 
requested to sign a message with a GPG-key.

Moderation is required for an announcement list to improve
S/N ratio, but it is done in a distributed manner to ease the
load on the "list managers".


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