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Re: Future releases of Debian

> VESA equals 60Hz in most modes which makes it useless if you aren't
> running a TFT (and even if you owned a TFT you probably could not use
> it if it was connected to the DVI port.)
> > Are you saying that I can't run a X on these cards, or that I can't
> > run HW accelerated 3D on these cards?
> I am not talking about accelerated 3D.
> > Remember, there's a large
> > population out here who simply don't care about games.
> As I matter of fact I do not care about games on Linux either 

Don't you agree that game industry is not a minor industry related to
One of the Debian priorities is the users, isn't it?

I'm a user and I do care about games on GNU/Linux.
Fact is with a Radeon 9000, I cannot even run tuxracer correctly with
GNU/Linux (even duke3d is terribly slow - it's not pure 3d,
correct. But the CPU seems exhausted by running it while I remember
very well playing this same game back in the old days with a Pentium
100 and a 2 MB 2D card, not a 128MB 3D card on a Pentium IV). While
this hardware can run proprietary games tremendously more

To tell the truth, I do not care that much about games. But do you
really think that 3d right now (and in the future) is restricted to

Well, sit in front of your computer for about 15 minutes and you'll
see the big picture (if you have xscreensaver installed, indeed).

I have no problem with the packages included in woody but defending
them by telling that nobody cares about using its hardware at his
full capacity (in fact, at least at 50% of it's capacity) seems just

Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker: 

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