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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Monday 14 July 2003 18:39, Dr. Freshmaker wrote:
> * Guru-class users who actually care.  For them, it would be trivial to
>   tear exim4 out by the roots and slap in postfix or what-have-you.  These
>   users would probably not mind that their favorite MTA was not included
>   by default; they would probably enjoy the chance to hack. ;-)

there's a subclass here that is important however.

*MANY* admins have used Debian for years.  We know exim inside and out.  If I 
sit down at a Debian machine I expect to find exim there.  When doing rapid 
installs I do not have to bother switching out the MTA.

I think this is one of the most compelling reasons.  Things that are the 
default are what many, many people learn.  Changing that default causes some 
level of pain and work.  As you said, postfix while cool and all is not that 
much better to warrant the change.

Somehow I managed to miss the exim4 rollout.  Need to schedule some time 
reading and experimenting with it.

hmm, as I went to press 'send' a counter-item came to me.

The only place I have ever seen exim installed is Debian.  RH still insists on 
using sendmail by default (may $deity be merciful) but at least ships postfix 
as an option.

Is that enough to warrant a switch?  Dunno.

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