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Re: default MTA for sarge

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shalehperry@comcast.net> wrote:
> *MANY* admins have used Debian for years.  We know exim inside and out.  If I 
> sit down at a Debian machine I expect to find exim there.  When doing rapid 
> installs I do not have to bother switching out the MTA.

> I think this is one of the most compelling reasons.  Things that are the 
> default are what many, many people learn.  Changing that default causes some 
> level of pain and work.  As you said, postfix while cool and all is not that 
> much better to warrant the change.

> Somehow I managed to miss the exim4 rollout.  Need to schedule some time 
> reading and experimenting with it.

You really should. <Advertising mode for upstream features> Exim4's
design is a lot more intuitive as it does away with the the separation
between "directors" and "routers" completely and replaces the whoele
mess of myriads verify_foo, callout_foo, relay_blah options with the
wonderful world of ACLs.</>

> hmm, as I went to press 'send' a counter-item came to me.

> The only place I have ever seen exim installed is Debian.  RH still insists on 
> using sendmail by default (may $deity be merciful) but at least ships postfix 
> as an option.

> Is that enough to warrant a switch?  Dunno.

Suse afaik has made postfix the default MTA. BTW there are wonderful
RPMS of exim4 for RedHat available on ftp.exim.org.
                  cu andreas
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