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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 01:20:48 +0200
Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:
> postfix has less features than exim4, at least for me. I couldn't do
> my current setup with postfix.

    Ok, I came late to this discussion so lemme give a quick background.  I
was around and pushed for exim to be default wayyyy back when.  I ran Exim
before it was the default, ran Exim 3.x until a few days ago and switched to
Exim 4.x so I could get sa-exim 3 running to deep-six spam.  IE, I run Exim, I
like Exim, in fact I've not even touched postfix.

    The issue isn't whether or not postfix can fulfill anyone's setup.  The
issue is can postfix (in comparison to Exim) fulfill the setup of as many or
more installations in an easier fashion.  We're talking the default, not what
is required to run forevermore and evermore.  If it does, great, make it
default and carry on.  If not then there should be discussions on continuing
with an obsolete, unsupported mailer or to move up to the current branch as

    If postfix cannot meet your setup it is still possible to install sendmail
or exim or any of a slew of other specialized MTAs.  I'd wager that anyone who
has a setup which doesn't fall into the major categories (basic full MTA,
smarthost relaying, local delivery only) is going to have to do some tinkering
which will require enough technical savvy to also allow them to switch to a
better suited MTA.  For those people defaults are pointless since they can
alter them as they see fit.  Agreed?

    As for the whole exim/postfix matter, I came late.  I said that.  Quite
frankly, I don't care because unless postfix comes with a 3-ring circus and
fully stocked mini-bar I doubt that if it were made the default MTA I would
move away from Exim/sa-exim.  That setup works for me, default changing
doesn't alter that.  So I will leave the decision and discussion to those who
have done a fine job thus far of putting Debian together and hope that whose
who have been following the discussion and protesting postfix based on their
setup take this message in the spirit it was intended.

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