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Re: Qt3 still broken (compat-headers), what to do?

Ben Burton writes:

> Hi ho, it's time for another rant from me regarding the
> libqt3-compat-headers split.  

> (i) Wait for the Qt maintainers to upload a fix.
> (ii) Do an NMU for Qt, despite the fact that this bug is not
> release-critical.  
> (iii) Resort to the technical committee.  
> (iv) Keep the package split and release sarge with a broken Qt
> development environment.

> Several months of experience suggest that (i) does not promise
> success.  Option (iii) seems rather heavy-handed to me.  And I am
> loathe to see us reach (iv), cementing debian as the only
> distribution with a deliberately broken Qt.

> I'd thus like to propose (ii) as the best solution.  I realise this
> is not an RC bug; technically it's not debian's problem but the
> upstream Qt app's problem.  Nevertheless, as it stands users are
> expected to divine the fact that debian has deliberately broken Qt,
> that they should look in README.Debian for a fix and that they are
> morally expected to tell upstream that their code is wrong (after
> all, that's why they were forced through this hassle in the first
> place).

> So.  Do people support this move or not?

I wouldn't do it.  Suppose you were the Qt maintainer, and you made a
technical choice that some people disagree with, and they do an NMU on
you.  In the worst case, they could be doing another upload reverting
your upload, and I can't say I would disagree with them.

IMHO, what should happen, is try to convince the Qt maintainer, or
agree with him to let the technical committee decide this one..

just my opinion of course...


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