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Re: Qt3 still broken (compat-headers), what to do?

> I wouldn't do it.  Suppose you were the Qt maintainer, and you made a
> technical choice that some people disagree with

You mean a technical choice with a significant negative impact on users that
breaks compatibility with upstream and every other linux distribution
and that most (not some) people disagree with.

> and they do an NMU on you

after four or five months of constant prodding and visible user confusion.

> IMHO, what should happen, is try to convince the Qt maintainer

This option appears to lead nowhere, as explained in my earlier post.

> or agree with him to let the technical committee decide this one..

Taking it to the technical committee needn't require the Qt maintainers'
consent.  Furthermore, since the Qt maintainers seem so apathetic about
this issue I'm certainly not going to wait for it.

I honestly believe that in this case having a sarge Qt that's not broken
should take precedence over maintainers' territoriality over their
packages.  And this is not a snap decision; the problem has been
discussed for many months now without resolution, and the user errors
continue to roll in.


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