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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

> But apparently I was under the wrong impression about which branch of
> Emacs development was going to be released.  I committed calc to what
> was HEAD at the time, and I thought that was going to become 21.3, but
> there was a different branch slated for release.  Anyways, calc will be
> in 21.4.  Just check out Emacs from CVS and peruse "NEWS".
> The next obvious question is when 21.4 is going to be released, and I
> can't answer that...

The vibes I have gotten from following the emacs-devel list is that
21.4 may come from the RC branch (looks like there are enough commits
post 21.3 to warrant it), in which case HEAD will be 21.5.

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