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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> wrote:
> >    judy (#172772), orphaned 210 days ago
> >      Description: C library for creating and accessing dynamic arrays
> >      Reverse Depends: libjudy-dev

> I thought that bogus bogofilter depended on this for building...

Iirc (but I only follw bogfilter's MLs very loosely), bogofilter's
dependency on judy was abolished at least 6 months ago.

> >    pclock (#156523), orphaned 331 days ago
> >      Description: Clock Dock app for Window Maker window manager

> I maintain and use asclock, thanks, but this is a really nice app,
> should someone be interested, that is.

If I weren't using asclock happily.

> >    svgalib (#173471), orphaned 205 days ago
> >      Description: Console SVGA display libraries
> >      Reverse Depends: snes9x-svga yh sabre lockvc atari800 cthugha
> >      libggimisc2 uae-suid libsdl1.2debian-all apple2 spectemu-svga
> >      crystalspace xsabre thrust svgalib1-altdev svgalib1 zgv freecraft
> >      lirc-svga xpcd-svga bmv xaos synaesthesia dvisvga quake2 xmame-svga
> >      svgalib-bin chdrv gnuboy-svga abuse lxdoom-svga lincity-svga lcdproc
> >      povray fceu-svga qcam vgacardgames ohphone vlc-plugin-svgalib
> >      zblast-svgalib svncviewer acidwarp liballegro4a-plugin-svgalib
> >      razzle vgagamespack xmame-fx luxman svgalibg1-dev
> >      libggi-target-svgalib

> Of all those people, someone surely has an interest in this.  Or
> perhaps it's time to just drop this crash-inducing security-scary
> package?

Valid suggestion. Personally I've never used svgalib (I did not like
SUID) and have been using framebuffer (MGA) for text applications and
viewing a picture one and then and X11 for stuff requiring hardware
accelleration. (Doom.)

Does svgalib offer enhancements compared to vesafb? (higher refresh

> >    transformiix (#174344), orphaned 196 days ago
> >      Description: An XSLT processor

> I have read nice things about this, I think.

There is xsltproc, which has identical long and short description,
works reasonably well and seems to have quite upstream autors.

> >    xanim (#148507), orphaned 407 days ago (non-free)
> >      Description: Plays multimedia files (animations, pictures, and
> >      sounds)
> >      Reverse Depends: tkxanim xanim-modules

> Go away, you non-free thing.

                 cu andreas

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