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Re: Why doesn't libsidplay enter testing?

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 10:05:59AM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> [2003-07-04 00:03]:
> > Please stop saying rude things like "Please check <foo>" to the people
> > who are trying to explain the state of play to you, because they are
> > right: it has been like this for a long time.
>  Sorry, I don't get it why you call it rude. It might be just me but I
> would have considered it rude if I told Anthony to "RTF update_excuses".
> If you take what I wrote as rude then sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
> I even haven't thought that anyone would take a "please check" as rude
> anyway, and I still don't understand it why you might think so....

Dismissing people's concerns with a one-sentence reference to inapposite
information is inherently rude.

Know whereof you speak, or remain quiet.

(Or, alternatively, crack wise.  :) )

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