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Re: eicar.com installer in Debian, and pre-upload interface to ftpmaster

Marc Haber wrote:
> Because it makes debugging anti-virus software harder, and forces
> maintainers of anti-virus packages to have their own means of
> obtaining eicar.com for testing purposes
Debugging anti-virus software should be done by the maintainers thereof.
Why would a user need this?

> Saying a package is "silly" is a valid rejection reason in your
> opinion? Another reason is that a package depending on and
> recommending eicar-testfile would have to go into contrib. Yes, right,
> but there is Suggests: which allows a package suggesting
> eicar-testfile to stay in main.
Having an installer just because some organization is too lazy to provide a
license with a 68 bytes is plainly wrong (since eicar seems to be located in
Germany it might even be questionable whether they can claim copyright for
something of that size - but then they just could put it into the public domain).

> Well, _I_ find it impolite to say work that has been done by a
> volunteer is "silly". Actually, I find it discouraging to do any more
> future work for Debian
What did you want to package next? An installer that has a debconf prompt for
asking whether eicar.com, eicar.com.txt, eicar_com.zip, or eicarcom2.zip should
be downloaded?

Seriously, you're more substantial contributions have been accepted haven't
they? And that in spite of the fact that not having a legal name in deamon's
copyright file is questionable. And the package in question is just about the
silliest package I've ever seen (aside from those announced April 1st).



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