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RE: debootstrapping and sysvinit

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> Julian Mehnle <julian@mehnle.net> wrote:
> > Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > > And you think an attitude like this is going to make me work
> > > harder? For *you* ?? Get real.
> >
> > Regardless of whether it was right to NMU sysvinit without you being
> > notified:  I get the impression maybe you should think over why you have
> > accepted maintainership of the package.  If you are maintaining it for
> > your own sake only, then maybe you should give up maintainership and
> > use a self-maintained, forked copy of the package.
> I accepted maintainership because I am the upstream author, and having
> the package in Debian/unstable is a great way to make sure it is
> stable. I can also try out new features, and Debian will have it first.

Please excuse my ignorance of not recognizing you as the upstream author.
Your statement above made me feel like you had no real interest in keeping
the package working for everyone else.  I'm sorry!


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