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Re: debootstrapping and sysvinit

In article <[🔎] EHEOIEJMBFBKCKMPHFJKIEMNDLAA.lists@mehnle.net>,
Julian Mehnle <julian@mehnle.net> wrote:
>Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> Tobias Wolter wrote:
>> > I still haven't seen any bugfix from you. How about you go stop
>> > ranting about being treated unfair and DOING YOUR WORK?
>> And you think an attitude like this is going to make me work
>> harder? For *you* ?? Get real.
>Regardless of whether it was right to NMU sysvinit without you being
>notified:  I get the impression maybe you should think over why you have
>accepted maintainership of the package.  If you are maintaining it for your
>own sake only, then maybe you should give up maintainership and use a
>self-maintained, forked copy of the package.

I accepted maintainership because I am the upstream author, and having
the package in Debian/unstable is a great way to make sure it is
stable. I can also try out new features, and Debian will have it first.

Currently I am working on "bootlogd". I have finally found a good
non-kernel solution to the "how do I find out the real console"
problem that it has. I made major enhancements to it today. I also
fixed several Debian bugs in other parts of the package, including
some that were sent to me directly and not to the BTS.

In short, I am actively developing the Debian and non-debian parts
of it. It's just that I happen to do this in bursts, and some people
get upset when the bursts they develop in don't always overlap
with mine.


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