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Re: debootstrapping and sysvinit


It is certainly true that sysvinit is an important package, and as
such, it requires either frequent care and attention to deal with bugs
(and you have a lot[1] of open bugs against the sysvinit package).
For better or for worse, the release history of sysvinit has not been
one which has been characterized by "release early and often".

When I offered to help earlier (because I had an important e2fsprogs
bug that I couldn't close because it was blocked on a sysvinit bug),
you admitted that you were pretty busy these days.  Perhaps it would
be useful for you to accept help in the form of a co-maintainer for
the package?  Sysvinit is important enough that this might be
considered a good idea....

						- Ted

[1] 121 bugs, of which 56 are Important/Normal, and 61 are
minor/wishlist, and 4 are fixed/pending.

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