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Re: Re: Gnome2 in sarge

Em Qua, 2003-07-02 às 21:36, Zheng XiaoJun escreveu:
> I desire a completed gnome2 in sarge as well.
> But I don't think it's an accident -- just my own opinion:
> I've searched some packages in  http://packages.debian.org/ ,  and found
> that many packages involved still have too many bugs unfixed in sid, so
> they can not enter sarge. most of these packages are still under
> development,not delayed.  And the similar situation is happened in KDE3.

What makes me think it was an accident is the fact that when I updated
my Debian, apt-listbugs showed a grave bug report in gnome-session 2.2.2
with the message "Should not go in testing." and, AFAIK, packages with
grave bugs usually don't go to testing (if this bug refers to the new
version, of course).

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