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Re: Gnome2 in sarge

On 2003-07-03 at 00:21ï¼? Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> I didn't see any noise in debian-devel about the half upgrade to gnome2
> in sarge, was it an accident? and now, will the other packages be
> upgraded also or I'll still have a half gnome2 desktop in sarge?
> i.e.: gnomeicu is still in the gnome1 version, but the gnome panel is
> gnome2, so gnomeicu applet doesn't work, which makes gnomeicu quote
> unusable (I have to use gaim now, but i prefer gnomeicu).
> []'s
> daniel

Many packages depended by gnome, including gnome-core, is still 1.4 in
sarge. That mean you can't install a entire gnome2 in sarge.
If you want to use gnome2, try upgrading to sid(unstable).
Zheng XiaoJun <xiaojun@citiz.net>

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