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Re: debootstrapping and sysvinit

In article <20030630151057.GB6005@home.ydal.de>,
Tobias Wolter  <towo@ydal.de> wrote:
>On 2003-06-29T12:40:56+0000 (Sunday), Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> Yes, NMUing essential packages without bothering to contact the
>> maintainer is cooperation at work. NOT.
>Between pissing off a maintainer and leaving a not-so-insignificant
>part of Debian quite utterly broken, I'd go for the former.

We're talking about unstable here. Read the developers reference,
paragraph 5.11.3, under

	Uploading bug fixes to unstable by non-maintainers should
	only be done by following this protocol:


Now, did the NMU follow the rules in the developers reference ?


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